Welcome to Sustain CEBU

The Sustain CEBU portal aims to provide information about Food, Tourism, IT & ITES, Construction & Real estate, Wholesale & Retail Trade, Furniture, GTH and Fashion Accessories industries. The website was conceived as a portal that promotes awareness on the standards and best practices among these industries.
It seeks to increase the competency of businesses, investors, industry associations, local and national government agencies, tertiary level students, and consultants.

This website serves the below 3 purposes:

Portal of Information

• For industries in Cebu with relation to international standards and benchmarks
• Comparison between national and international standards

Portal of Learning

• Learning focused on enterprise wellness in relation to local and national policies, guidelines and good practices.
• Training modules and resource tools

Portal of Contacts

• Database of contacts for essential product and service providers that will aid stakeholders in improving and sustaining their business operations
• Product/service portfolio of the beneficiaries of the registered users of the portal


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