Cebu: Staying humble, growing global

By: Philippine Daily Inquirer, 13 June 2013

The country’s strongest growing economy is on full throttle toward global economic integration as it launched its CBM 2013 that showcases and celebrates the best Cebu has to offer.

Led by the Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI), CBM or “Cebu Business Month” is geared toward accelerating direct investment opportunities in the Tourism, Creative Industries, ICT-BPO, and Entrepreneurship sectors of the province.

Graced by prominent executives of Cebu’s business community, Acting Governor Agnes Magpale, media personality Karen Davila and show biz personalities Jaya, and Bianca King, the commencement weekend of CBM 2013 kicked off with the highly anticipated launch of the Great Cebu Sale, and the very first Cebu Run for the Rivers.

Promoted nationwide and internationally, the Great Cebu Sale is a bold and collective endeavor of the Province’s business community to make Cebu the next shopping destination of the Country, and a stronger contender in the Asia Pacific region.

“Our goal is to make Cebu become the next Hong Kong or Singapore and this is our very first step in achieving that dream. For the entire month of June, Cebu’s top furniture stores, retail outlets and restaurants at the Ayala and SM malls are on sale, and we are calling all Filipinos to come and join us in celebrating and enjoying the very best we have to offer,” shares Great Cebu Sale chairperson Camille Villareal-Aldeguer. “Not only do we want shoppers from all over the Country and from outside our borders, we also want the exporters and manufacturers of the world’s top brands, to open their doors to the Entrepreneurs of Cebu”, she adds.

The highly anticipated launch of the Sale was coupled with the very first Cebu Run for the Rivers, a fundraising campaign for “Sagip Ilog,” a program that aims to improve the water quality of central river systems in the city. Graced by over 2000 runners, the run is in line with the Chamber’s pledge to secure the sustainable development of Cebu city through greater attention and care for the environment. “

As the Country’s top foreign trade performer, with over 500 FDIs in the manufacturing, services and tourism industries, and six manufacturing economic zones exporting a combined $3.58 billion annually, Cebu is already an investment hub of the Philippines. Our greater goal now then is to make the International community take a closer look at Cebu,” states Lito Maderazo, President of the CCCI. “In the near future, we see even more trade and commerce occurring directly between Cebu and the rest of the world through aggressive and creative activities such as CBM 2013, designed to raise our profile on the International stage,” Maderazo adds.

When asked what else was in store for the rest of the month, CBM 2013 Overall Chair Melanie Ng shares, “These two events are just the start for an exciting and full month ahead. Business matching activities, trade shows, fairs, and exhibit opportunities across the creative, ICT-BPO, tourism, and SME industries are only some of what is being offered in Cebu this month.”

“Here, you can work, play and live. There is no better month to come to Cebu than in June, and as any visitor will see, truly, we offer only the very best in Cebu”, concludes Maderazo.

Philippine Daily Inquirer (2013). Cebu: Staying humble, growing global.
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