Food is the top expenditure item among households in the Philippines partaking 35 percent of the total expenditures based on the most recent Family Income & Expenditure Survey of the National Statistics Office. The consumer expenditure on food and non-alcoholic beverages in the country is estimated to be $50 billion making the Philippines as the third largest market for processed and packaged foods among the ASEAN countries. In Cebu, while total output of the food industry is recently overshadowed by the BPO, IT, real estate and manufacturing industries, the province is still renowned for its mango production and fruit processing.

In 2012, Cebu is the top producing province in Central Visayas and ranked 3rd nationwide with an output of 43,025 metric tons. Being a top producer of mangoes in the country, Cebu is also recognized in the production of dried mangoes, which is one of the most popular delicacies from the Philippines. As of today, companies producing dried mangoes in Cebu has expanded and ventured beyond dried mangoes. They now also produce dried pineapple, dried papaya, dried jackfruit, and dried lemon along with mango juice concentrates, mango purees and a wide-range of other tropical juices.

While a major portion of the food processing sector in Cebu is dominated by companies engaged in drying or dehydrating of fruits, a considerable number of food companies are engaged in the production of processed/semi-processed marine food products and various food products.

Cebu’s food industry is not only a significant source of export income for the province but also an important creator of jobs for the Cebuanos.

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