Furniture, Gth & Fashion Accessories

Cebu is also known as home to superior craftsmanship and remarkable designs. Considered as the center of the country’s creative industry, Cebu manufactures furniture, gifts, toys & housewares (GTH) and fashion accessories that are internationally-recognized for excellence in quality and in design.

The furniture, GTH and fashion accessories industries are among the country’s major export earners. In August 2013, furniture and woodcrafts (to where GHT and fashion accessories are categorized) recorded a total export income of $346.96 million or 7.6 percent share to total exports. This figure also reveals a 68.7 percent increase in the industry’s export receipt compared to the industry’s exports in the same period a year ago. Cebu takes the lead in the industry’s performance as majority and the biggest manufacturers/exporters of furniture, GTH and fashion accessories are located in Cebu.

Cebu’s furniture industry is the biggest contributor to the country’s furniture export income; responsible for about 2/3 of the industry’s total income. There are more than 90 companies in Cebu engaged in the manufacture of furniture and furnishings that use a variety of indigenous materials such as abaca, sea grass, coconut twigs, wood, bamboo, rattan and wrought iron. They also make use of shells, seeds, animal skins, leave, tree barks and even termite mounds to accentuate and accessorize their furniture. The industry’s major market is the United States with some markets in European, Middle Eastern and Asian countries.

GTH industry is an emerging industry in Cebu; and with its world-class products, it is now gaining a strong position in the international market, particularly in USA and Europe. With the determination of GTH companies and the ingenuity of their designers, the industry has developed a myriad of product lines. Most popular among the Cebu GTH products are ball decors, planters & vases, bath & kitchen accents, Christmas decors, other traditional items like key chains, letter opener, frames, chimes and paper weights. These products mostly use wood, shells, resin, and metals as basic materials.

Fashion accessories industry of Cebu, on the other hand, holds a preferred source of costume and fine jewelleries, as well as fashion accents. Popular international fashion brands are actually contracting the production of their fashion items in Cebu. Fashion accessories manufacturers uses wood, resin, shells, fiber, bones, cloth and metal in the production of necklaces, bangles, earing, rings, brooches, bags, belts and headdresses. Cebu’s main market is Europe and USA with a considerable demand for its fashion items from Canada and Australia.

While the furniture, GTH and fashion accessories industries are among the top export earners of Cebu, the industry is vulnerable to the downturns of the US and European economies. The recession of the European economy few years back has greatly affected Cebu’s GTH and fashion accessories industries that even forced some companies to close shop. The furniture industry also felt a shock in the most recent slump in the US economy. Despite the fluctuations of western economies, the Asian markets and the local market hold great business potentials as purchasing power of Asian economies has considerably increased in recent years. Furthermore, these creative industries of Cebu also faces a bigger challenge of competitiveness as China and India are producing fashion accessories on a larger scale and at an incredibly low prices. The recent move of the industry towards green business, espousing the principle of sustainable consumption and production, is a brilliant strategy to hold its position as the best source of superior quality and excellently designed furniture, GTH and fashion accessories products in the world.

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